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AB350-Gaming 3
New Gaming Style
AX370-Gaming K7
Gaming Pleasure in Black
AX370-Gaming 5
Gaming Pleasure
AX370-Gaming K5
Faster in your Game
AX370-Gaming 5
Gaming Pleasure

Starting from the 11th of April 2017 GIGABYTE will, for FREE, gift you with STEAM wallet codes when you buy select GIGABYTE/AORUS gaming motherboards.
GIGABYTE is very excited to offer any customers who purchase select GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming Series Motherboards on the New AM4 Ryzen Platform. FREE STEAM vouchers (while stock lasts).
Anyone who purchases one of the latest GIGABYTE AORUS Ryzen motherboards (between April 11th and June 30th 2017) will receive FREE, €20 worth of STEAM vouchers with the AX370-Gaming K7, AX370-Gaming 5, AX370-Gaming K5 or the AB350-Gaming 3, all you need to do is buy the board and register with GIGABYTE.

STEAM Wallet codes work just like gift cards which can be redeemed on your personal STEAM account for STEAM credit and used for the purchase of games, in game content, software and any other item you can purchase in the STEAM store.

Product Information
RGB Fusion

GIGABYTE's AM4 series motherboards boast the most advanced LED system in the market today. With more customizability than ever and a convenient and intuitive UI thanks to the RGB Fusion App, you’ll have a blast making your GIGABYTE your own. For even more LED goodness RGBW strips are now supported for more true and vibrant whites.

Multi-Zone Light Show Design
• 16.8M RGB Colors
• Up to 2 Programmable Sections
• Up to 7 Different Lighting Effects
• Up to 2 RGB & RGBW Light Strip Pin Headers
• Accent LED with Interchangeable Overlay
• Advanced Mode for Extreme Customizability

Lighting zone, programmable sections, wave mode may vary by model.


Smart Fan 5 allows users to interchange their fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard. Not only that, with Smart Fan 5 more hybrid fan headers that support both PWM and Voltage mode fans have been introduced to make the motherboard more liquid cooling friendly.

Interoperable Sensors and Fans
Each fan can be customized to operate at different speeds according to any defined temperature source input (except the CPU fan).
Fan Curve
Customize fan curves based on specific temperatures with the intuitive graphical UI.
Turbo B-Clock

Turbo B-Clock Tuning IC* in the AORUS X370 series motherboards enable overclockers to have the ability to change their BCLK frequency to a desired value of their choice. With the new linear range adjustment option of the Tuning IC, ranges from 100MHz to 300MHz are now possible.

Dual ALC1220 Audio

No longer are you limited to quality audio from only the rear of your Gaming PC, the new AORUS AX370-Gaming 5/K7 offers dual ALC1220 Codecs, a high-performance multi-channel high-definition Audio Codec with 120dB SNR.

Crystal Clear Audio
Dual Smart Headphone AMPP
108dB SNR Recording
Hardware decoding for DSD128
Compatibility for all types of headphones
Convenience on front or rear of PC


USB DAC-UP 2 continues to provide clean, isolated and low-noise power while adding the ability to compensate for voltage drop. Virtual reality pioneers and gamers alike can rest assured that their expensive accessories and peripherals will not encounter connectivity or power deficiency issues with the AORUS USB DAC-UP 2.

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